"be the change you want to see in the world" gandhi

About October 1, 2010

The ecomomwarrior site came to fruition after many years of self education about the state of mother earth and ultimately the encouragement of friends. As a mother of an almost four year old in New York City, I have witnessed first hand the environmental abuse that occurs on a daily basis and quite honestly depresses me to no end.

ecomomwarrior as a phrase, speaks for itself and can be attained by any person, given the patience and will.  We can all be eco warriors as long as we dedicate a life style that honors, appreciates and respects Mother Earth. We need to unlearn behaviors that society has forced onto us. We can all be eco moms; teach our children and our children’s children that we are the change that we want to be.

This may sound like a bunch of crazy talk but if this site reaches one person and educates them to change their way of thinking or way of life then it is worth the rantings.

x ecomomwarrior x


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